Fear: Why It’s A Part Of Life

I haven’t posted in a long time, mainly because my mother got sick again, and I had to fly back to help her.

While I was with her, I couldn’t help but feel anxious that she wouldn’t make it. After all, she had been sick for 2 months straight, and she had never been admitted to the hospital twice within 2 months.

To tell the truth, I was scared.

Sure, she’s fine now, but what happens if it happens again? What if I’m out of the country on work and I can’t come back to be with her? What if I can’t say goodbye?

Those are all questions that come from fear. Fear is something that causes us to change, to become a different version of ourselves. It can either be good or bad, and it’s often hard to tell the difference.

For example, let’s say you’re driving. You’re scared you might get into a car accident, so you put on your seat belt. This is a good type of fear, one that could one day save your life.

But a bad type of fear is one that prevents you from doing what you love, all because you’re scared of failing.

But once you conquer those fears, you can become fearless, armed with the ability to try knew things and not be scared.

After all, fears just a reason to try harder.




Life Knows What It’s Doing

When I was 18 and attending Southwest Virginia Community College, I was scared. I had no friends on the campus, and I was randomly assigned a roommate I didn’t know. I wasn’t eager to stay at college, as I wanted to help my mother, who was back at home working her butt off to pay for my college. I wasn’t sure if life knew what it was doing to me. In fact, I was ready to go home.

That is, until I met Tanya.

She was my roommate, and just like me, she was scared too. But she was so bright and bubbly that I hardly noticed. She became my best friend, and we did everything together. We are still in touch after so many years, and we have coffee together a LOT.

The point of that story is that you shouldn’t doubt life. It’s a beautiful thing that will always, even if it makes a slight detour, make its way to where you’re supposed to be.

For the longest time, I believed that it was crazy and it didn’t make sense. And it doesn’t. But in the end, we will always make it to the end the way God intended us to be.

That’s the truth of life.



Your Profession: Why You Should Do What You Love

When I was a very young child, my father died from cancer. As a result, my mother was forced to take up 2 side jobs alongside being a nurse: one as a cashier at McDonald’s, and another one as a salesperson at our local car dealership.

One night, she came home, sat on the couch, and cried. I could hear her soft sobs from my room, and I went and tried to comfort her. She pretended like nothing was wrong, but I knew otherwise. I knew she couldn’t handle the stress of working those jobs.

From that day on, I swore that I would choose a job that I wanted.

To this day, I am a interior designer. And I’m happy. I don’t make very much, so I’m forced to thrift a LOT, but I’m OK with that.

The thing about life is, you only live once. So many people choose high paying jobs like doctors and lawyers for the money, when in real life, it’s not about that. You’re not going to be happy if you choose to do something you don’t like every single day. So you can either choose something you love, or simply do it for the money. But if you choose the last one, I can guarantee that you won’t be happy.

Life’s short, so make your choice.


Love: Why We Do What We Do

Have you ever loved someone enough to want to die for them?

Well, I have.

The simple truth to love is that it is rash, not thinking before leaping. It is brutally hard to maintain, and it never is what it seems.

Just last week, my mother, my only constant, was admitted to the hospital. I wanted to be in her place just so that she could live for another day.

But as much as I wanted to do that, I couldn’t. So I prayed to Him and begged him to help my mother. And she did.

But that’s when I realized the truth in life: that it isn’t about me, and it never was. I’m happiest when I’m around them, and that’s why I would die for them.

Because love is the one constant in the world.

Love isn’t something that is forged easily, but when it is, it cannot be broken. It is tougher than even a diamond, yet softer than a cloud. It is never easy to find, but when you do, you never stop holding on.

I love my family, and that is why I would do any thing for them.



Does Wealth Equal Power?

No, it doesn’t.

Why, you may ask? Doesn’t money give people influence over others? Doesn’t it mean that they (meaning rich people) can do whatever they want, whenever they want? Doesn’t mean they can have everything?


No sum of money, no matter how large, can buy happiness. It can’t buy the love you feel for a child, nor the joy of having friends. For the most matter, money is horrid.

Why? Money, while being the root of commerce, it’s also evil. It turns people corrupt and makes citizens without enough of it suffer. It causes countries to go to war, and people starve because of it.

Now, my blog runs on WordPress’s Free Plan, meaning I have no SEO, lots of ads, and not a lot of themes to chose from. But I’m okay with that.

The reason I chose the Free Plan was not because I was cheap, but because I wanted the joy of knowing that people were discovering my little blog on their own, and that WordPress wasn’t flashing an ad in their face 24/7 about coming to my blog.

That’s why wealth is not power. Because no matter how much you have, you’ll never be complete.

That’s the true secret of life.


Character: Why We Are Perfect The Way We Are

It’s who we are at our finest.

What is character? The definition I got from Google: the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

But while this is the definition, there is so much more than that.

If you are an uber nerd like me (and that does not mean you are obsessed with cars), then you have probably have read The Kane Chronicles. In this book, they talk about ren, or or your identity. Ren is basically your greatest fears, your feelings, and your love for your love ones in one soul.

But when ones character has a bad quality (and it’s inevitable), it’s often hard to fix. Why?

Mainly because even though becoming a better person is often portrayed as easy, it’s not. If you change even a single quality of yourself, you’re changing your identity, your soul, your ren.

Each person has a distinct character that makes them who they are. It’s the sum of your existence. It’s our one thing that makes us stand out from the crowd, something that makes us unique.

That’s why we are perfect, flaws and all.


Current World Events

One Love Manchester

After hearing that news, I cried for an hour.

If you haven’t heard by now, Manchester was recently bombed during an Ariana Grande concert. Many people got hurt, and 22 died.

But what Ariana Grande did for those people after was a show of what being a human is really about: compassion.

She visited many of her hospitalized fans and gave them the hope they needed to recover. She organized a concert that raised millions for the British Red Cross. Her love and resilience for her fans banded together stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber to put on an amazing show.

That is the kind of resilience our country needs.

In this world, lots and lots of bad things happen. One example is this, and another is what happened in Orlando last year. But what we, as humans, need to understand is that we need to be resilient. We need to conquer our fear and spread love around so that others feel safe. We need to show terrorists or whoever’s trying to destroy our country that we will be strong and we will fight back.

People attack us because they think it will make us weaker, but what if we changed that? What if we stopped letting them get to our heads? What if these attacks make us stronger?

That’s when we will truly become a country.